5 Reasons to Visit the Three Valleys

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If you’re eager to hit the slopes and put your new-found skiing skills to the test, you’ll find it hard to find somewhere as spectacular and inspiring as the Three Valleys.

The area first consisted of the three valleys themselves; Saint-Bon, Allues and Belleville. Since then, frequent expansion and extension has led to a ‘fourth valley’ known as the Maurienne valley. The largest ski space in the world, and connected exclusively by ski lifts and slopes, this is the snow-obsessed sports fans dream.

As if you needed any more convincing, here’s our top five reasons to visit the Three Valleys. You’re missing out if you give this one a skip!

The Size Means You’re Spoilt for Choice
It may seem like a remarkably obvious point, but the sheer scope of the Three Valleys means you’ll never be depleted of options or choice. In fact, there’s no real urgency to ride the same slope twice, as you’ll have so much variety in pistes, scenery and courses.

With eight ski resorts to pick from, and with different qualities present at each, finding the perfect one for you can be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. You can pick from 25 accessible summits, 321 Alpine ski runs, 169 ski lifts and over 600 kilometres of interconnected ski runs.

What’s more, the plentiful alternatives mean you can repeatedly visit the Three Valleys and find something new each time. This isn’t a one trip experience by any means! There’ll always be a new place to come back to here.

The Leisurely Lifestyle is Next to None
Being such an internationally renowned skiing destination, the Three Valleys never comes up short when it comes to restaurants, cafes and night time bars. Each resort has a buzzing social scene that offers fine foods, plenty of drink and a heap of atmosphere.

If you visit at special times of the year, many resorts feature special seasonal events and performances that you won’t want to miss. Places like Courchevel and Meribel offer plenty of activities, even in the January weeks, which will enrich your experience and offer something a little different.

It’s not just the ongoing festivities, either, as you can browse and choose from many high-end accommodation services. At Alpine Infusion, we have top-of-the range, luxury chalets in both Courchevel and Meribel that offer the very best experience the Three Valleys has to offer.

There’s a Slope for Every Skill Level
The Three Valleys is an ideal family destination for skiing, or for any group with a mix of abilities and skill levels. There are so many different pistes to choose from, all ranging from the very demanding black runs to the gentle, beginner areas. From kids to seasoned professionals, everyone is welcome at the slopes here.

Make sure to check out the resort you’ll be staying at before you go and work out which runs look best suited to you and your family. Always prepare before you head out to get the best experience!

There’s No Better Place to Learn
Never been skiing before, or unsure of where to start?

There really is no better place to pick up your boots and poles for the first time, as Snowlimits can provide you high quality British ski instruction for a fantastic price. You’ll be able to get to grips with the basics surrounded by breath-taking views of the Alps.

You can choose from private lessons or group sessions for adults, kids and businesses. Most recently new snowboarding sessions have been introduced and, using the latest Apple and Sony technology, you can experience video feedback to refine and improve your technique.

It’s Not Just About the Skiing

While we know you’re likely to want to spend your time skiing, sledging and carving through the snow, there’s also a host of other activities that you can get stuck into during the less chilly months. Should you venture out to the Three Valleys when the summer sun is shining, you’ll have a wide range of options to pick from.


Whether it’s hiking across the terrain, mountain biking or even shopping, you won’t run out of things to enjoy. Make sure to pack a camera to grab social media-worthy snaps of the stunning views, and have your money saved up for some excellent and unique spending opportunities!


Are you looking to head to the Three Valleys for a much needed getaway? Make sure to get the best possible experience with Alpine Infusion’s luxury, award-winning chalet accommodation. We provide private transfer, complimentary food and drink and catering services across our range of accommodation. Browse and book yours today!

‘On the Hill’ Video Feedback

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SnowLimits is now offering ‘On The Hill’ video feedback to all their clients, this is included in the price of all lessons.

SnowLimits has been taking ski instruction to the next level in Courchevel, La Tania and Meribel for years but we are now offering ‘On The Hill’ video feedback to all clients. This approach really will take your skiing to the next level whether you are a beginner new to the sport or a seasoned pro who wants to improve their off piste and bump skiing. The technology we are using is being used at the highest level of sport and really helps with what is described as ‘marginal gains’.

‘Marginal gains’ is basically terminology used for athletes that want to gain that extra percentage to help them win a gold medal. Now we know 99.9% of our clients are probably not going for a gold medal but we do know that 99.9% of our clients want to get better. Therefore, SnowLimits believe by having a similar approach towards ‘marginal gains’ it can make all the difference to getting you down your first blue run or that grand couloir that always seemed just out of reach. With this approach the plateau so many skiers get stuck on year on year, can and do come to an end.

With the latest technology at your SnowLimits ski instructor’s fingertips (or should we say in their backpack), a couple of chosen runs are videoed which can then be watched back over a coffee or while going back up the lift after your descent. The video is watched back on a tablet using an app (Coaches Eye) enabling your SnowLimits ski instructor to freeze frame, frame by frame or slow-mo any of the action taken. Being able to see immediately what it is your doing right or wrong makes your improvement so much faster. How many times have you heard your instructor say to you ‘You need to get more of your weight forward’ or ‘Try not to keep your legs so stiff and straight but allow them to flex and bend’? By being able to see exactly what it was that you were doing immediately and so quickly afterwards, lets you relive the moment enabling you to remember how you felt while coming down the mountain. With this visual information and the information your instructor is sharing with you, it is so much easier to work out what it is we are supposed to be doing while skiing down these snowy hills on primarily two bits of wood. Skiing has advanced a long way from basic wooden skis to ultra modern all round mountain skis so let SnowLimits take you on a new learning experience here in Courchevel, La Tania and Meribel.

Contact SnowLimits to avoid disappointment and book up a Private ski lesson or Group lesson so that you can experience the latest teaching methods and teaching aids.

It is this immediate visual information that explains a thousand words with the expert tuition and the aid of 21st century technology improvement has never been so easy. To find out more about SnowLimits and our Team please visit


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There are amazing pistes for all levels in Courchevel and below are a few that our Courchevel ski instructors are getting excited about with this coming season 2016/17 starting in 90 days. Our Courchevel ski instructors are not just looking forward to skiing these amazing pistes for themselves but they are even more excited to be teaching ski lessons in Courchevel in the not so distant future. So if you would like to have one of our fully qualified Courchevel ski instructors teach you in Courchevel this coming season please contact

Our top five pistes

1: PRALONG A green run with the perfect pitch and width so that you have plenty of space to practice those snowplough turns.

2: TOVETS The wide run that takes you down towards Courchevel Village is a great gradient to practice your parallel turns. Because this is the main run back to 1550 it is always groomed perfectly every evening, giving you the perfect descent.

3: GRANDES BOSSES Is one of the many blue runs you can take from the top of the Signal chair in Courchevel Moriond – 1650. It is long, wide and varies in gradient all the way down making it extremely fun to do time and time again.

4: CHAPELETS If your over in Courchevel Moriond – 1650 and red runs are something you enjoy, then a run down the furthest piste to the left hand side of the Courchevel valley is a must. From the top of the Chapelets chair lift turn left and head down one of the most beautiful runs in Courchevel overlooking the Vallees des Avals.

5: PYLONES Probably one of the best prepared black runs in the three vallees. When this run has been groomed there is no better piste to practice those advanced short radius turns on the steep.

Skiing Tips for beginner skiers 1 – Clothing

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So you are beginner skier, these are our most useful clothing tips to enter the world of skiing!

Socks – Having thick socks is a common problem with people getting cold feet, it can make your feet sweat and thus eventually make them much colder once the sweat freezes! Thinner, quality ski socks are better, warmer and will also help cause less rubbing on your feet and shins!

Layers – As you should know, lots of thin layers will keep you warmer. Remember you can always take some layers off if needs be. One thick layer will keep you less warm as there are fewer layers for the warm air to be trapped in!

Rucksacks – When we are teaching our private ski lessons Or group lessons we will always be carrying a rucksack so you can give extras to us. We will always carry spare Gloves to help if you are not warm enough.

Helmets – Helmets keep your head warm. In cold temperatures the majority of heat is lost through your head not being warm enough. Always carry a hat!

Your ability to stay at the right temperature will definitely have an effect on your ability to learn during your ski lesson with us at SnowLimits !

Extra tip – Don’t fight it if you are too cold, go and get a nice hot chocolate and the sugar will help give you the energy to learn lots once you’ve warmed up!


SnowLimits Team!

More Great Feedback from last week!

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I had two boys in your classes last week and would like to say a huge thank you. The kids have not stopped talking about you lot since we left on Saturday. They really enjoyed the lessons and developed strongly as a result. We have been away to other ski areas and used a lot of schools, but I have to say that Snow Limit has been the best by a country mile. Take it easy and good luck for the future – I think we’ll be out there next year so hopefully see you then. MA

Just a further huge thank you for your lessons. 
Today, Carole has been practising what you taught her yesterday – wow what a difference !! Culminating in her first run down Jockeys – and in total control this pm……. KM

Just a quick note to say thanks for the lessons last week – James was excellent and really helped to progress our skiing.BA

Thank you for teaching me this week. I really enjoyed it!!!! You have been the best teacher I have ever had. I have had loads of fun. Next year if I can choose who to go skiing with I will choose you!!!!!!! Thanks sooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!! MOG

There is no war on these pistes!!!

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Just to clarify Adrian and I along with all instructors that work with us and alongside us have got the correct credentials to work in France.

We have been stopped on the mountain by the police before and all we need to do is show our credentials and they are quickly on their way.

We have seen there have been many articles of late in the British press regarding British ski instructors working in France.  Much of what is written is not factually correct but if you have any questions on what is being reported please do not hesitate to email us at any time on

Both Adrian and I have worked for French ski schools for many years in the past. We have a good relationship with the majority of French instructors in Courchevel and the Three Valleys.

Many thanks


Sam and Adrian

We have had some great feedback over the past few weeks!

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Just wanted to say a big thank you to you both for helping me with my skiing. I had a great time and for the first time ever really enjoyed it and felt like I finally knew what I was supposed to be doing lol. Looking forward to my next trip now 🙂 CB

“Also, i think it is worth mentioning how great Adrian from snow limit was. Daisy had her lessons with him and we cannot recommend him more highly. Nothing is too much trouble for him and Daisy had tonnes of fun on her lessons. So, definitely one to continue to recommend to other families who want ski lessons.” JB

Thanks again for the ski lessons with the kids – they had such a good time ! DS


Happy New Year

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So, some fresh snow has arrived, the ski school is busy and life is great! We want to wish all of you guys a happy new year and we cannot wait to see you all on the snowy mountains! Sam and Adrian