‘On the Hill’ Video Feedback

By November 5, 2016Uncategorized

SnowLimits is now offering ‘On The Hill’ video feedback to all their clients, this is included in the price of all lessons.

SnowLimits has been taking ski instruction to the next level in Courchevel, La Tania and Meribel for years but we are now offering ‘On The Hill’ video feedback to all clients. This approach really will take your skiing to the next level whether you are a beginner new to the sport or a seasoned pro who wants to improve their off piste and bump skiing. The technology we are using is being used at the highest level of sport and really helps with what is described as ‘marginal gains’.

‘Marginal gains’ is basically terminology used for athletes that want to gain that extra percentage to help them win a gold medal. Now we know 99.9% of our clients are probably not going for a gold medal but we do know that 99.9% of our clients want to get better. Therefore, SnowLimits believe by having a similar approach towards ‘marginal gains’ it can make all the difference to getting you down your first blue run or that grand couloir that always seemed just out of reach. With this approach the plateau so many skiers get stuck on year on year, can and do come to an end.

With the latest technology at your SnowLimits ski instructor’s fingertips (or should we say in their backpack), a couple of chosen runs are videoed which can then be watched back over a coffee or while going back up the lift after your descent. The video is watched back on a tablet using an app (Coaches Eye) enabling your SnowLimits ski instructor to freeze frame, frame by frame or slow-mo any of the action taken. Being able to see immediately what it is your doing right or wrong makes your improvement so much faster. How many times have you heard your instructor say to you ‘You need to get more of your weight forward’ or ‘Try not to keep your legs so stiff and straight but allow them to flex and bend’? By being able to see exactly what it was that you were doing immediately and so quickly afterwards, lets you relive the moment enabling you to remember how you felt while coming down the mountain. With this visual information and the information your instructor is sharing with you, it is so much easier to work out what it is we are supposed to be doing while skiing down these snowy hills on primarily two bits of wood. Skiing has advanced a long way from basic wooden skis to ultra modern all round mountain skis so let SnowLimits take you on a new learning experience here in Courchevel, La Tania and Meribel.

Contact SnowLimits to avoid disappointment and book up a Private ski lesson or Group lesson so that you can experience the latest teaching methods and teaching aids.

It is this immediate visual information that explains a thousand words with the expert tuition and the aid of 21st century technology improvement has never been so easy. To find out more about SnowLimits and our Team please visit www.snowlimitsskischool.com