Skiing Tips for beginner skiers 1 – Clothing

By October 7, 2015ski, skiing

So you are beginner skier, these are our most useful clothing tips to enter the world of skiing!

Socks – Having thick socks is a common problem with people getting cold feet, it can make your feet sweat and thus eventually make them much colder once the sweat freezes! Thinner, quality ski socks are better, warmer and will also help cause less rubbing on your feet and shins!

Layers – As you should know, lots of thin layers will keep you warmer. Remember you can always take some layers off if needs be. One thick layer will keep you less warm as there are fewer layers for the warm air to be trapped in!

Rucksacks – When we are teaching our private ski lessons Or group lessons we will always be carrying a rucksack so you can give extras to us. We will always carry spare Gloves to help if you are not warm enough.

Helmets – Helmets keep your head warm. In cold temperatures the majority of heat is lost through your head not being warm enough. Always carry a hat!

Your ability to stay at the right temperature will definitely have an effect on your ability to learn during your ski lesson with us at SnowLimits !

Extra tip – Don’t fight it if you are too cold, go and get a nice hot chocolate and the sugar will help give you the energy to learn lots once you’ve warmed up!


SnowLimits Team!