Are you a seasoned skier, who wishes to explore a terrain away from the public slopes? Do you wish to attend first-class off-piste ski lessons? Here at Snow Limits Ski School, you won’t be disappointed by our exceptional instructors. Why not give us a call, and see how we can help you?

When it comes to experiencing the slopes in a way which some can seldom only dream of, the off-piste ski lessons which we run here at Snow Limits Ski School are unrivalled in their quality. We look to give people the opportunity to see sights which are off of the beaten track, and glide across snow which has been untouched by a piste-basher. The small group numbers enables our instructors to develop the skills and technique of each individual present. Not only will you continuously evolve your skiing ability, but you will also slowly evolve your understanding of mountaineering and mountain safety. For anyone whose interest has been whetted by this idea, and would like to find out more about how they could benefit from attending these sessions, our website contains all the relevant information.

Looking for Off- Piste Ski Lessons?

 In today’s society, in order to be considered successful, it’s important to provide a first class customer service department. When you come to Snow Limits Ski School, you are not only able to enjoy off-piste ski lessons, we also seek to ensure that our clients are part of an experience which is hasslefree – smooth and seamless is the way forward. Should you not be familiar with the work of our company, we understand that some may want to seek further clarity. If you are a prospective customer, who is considering using our services, you should first take a look at any one of the countless reviews located on our dedicated Tripadvisor page.

Transparency and accessibility are integral part of our company’s beliefs – it is for this reason that we have a team of fantastic staff within our customer service department. Should you wish to find out any more about Snow Limits Ski School, or would like to make an enquiry regarding our off-piste ski lessons, there are two options open to you. If you would like to discuss your query by written means, you can send us an email directly to For those who would like a more informal chat with one of our operatives, you can call us on either 0161 818 6557, or +33 673 82 18 04.