Apres ski

.Since skiing became a popular leisure activity, it’s been synonymous with socialising at the end of a hard day on the mountain. So much so that the term Après ski has made it into the Oxford English dictionary: “Après Ski- social activities and entertainments that take place in hotels and restaurants after a day’s skiing” 

The resorts that line the Belleville valley all have unique qualities but also share an abundance of après ski options. With three very different resorts: Les Menuires, Val Thorens, and Saint Martin de Belleville, there is something for everyone. It matters not whether you want a quiet spot to relive the days exploits off-piste, or a full-on dance party on the piste. Our instructors share some of their favourite places for Après in the Belleville valley.

Après Ski Val Thorens:

Val Thorens has a mix of après ski to suit anyone. It has a cosmopolitan vibe with people from all across Europe visiting for world-class skiing and the great atmosphere. When you visit Val Thorens don’t be surprised if you’re dancing on the table with the Swedish one night. Then singing Karaoke with the Dutch another.

360 Bar is one of those ski venues that once visited won’t be forgotten. 

Après Ski at the 360 Bar Val Thorens

Getting there: It’s easy to find, and if you can’t see it you’ll undoubtedly hear it!! Head up the 2 Lacs Chairlift and hang a right, if you’d prefer to walk it takes approximately 15 minutes from the bottom of the resort up the walking track. Getting back to the village after some hard partying is easy, follow the Combe de Thorens green run straight down.

 Atmosphere: Andy says, “This is a great spot to relax and experience some beach vibes early in the afternoon. As the day draws to a close it becomes a lot livelier the music is cranked up, and the crowd starts jumping. It’s especially worth a visit during Dutch week at the end of April! It’s well worth trying a cocktail or two in the sun.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Folie Douce

The name Folie Douce is one that most people know, first opening its doors in Val Thorens in 2009 it’s still one of the biggest apres party spots in the Alps.

Getting there: Take the Plein Sud or Three Valleys chairlifts, look right as you’re nearing the top and you can’t miss it. The home run is straight forward too with the village in view the whole way.
 Atmosphere: Chris says, “Such an awesome hangout the food is brilliant, and then settle in for the show. When the beats really pick it’s definitely Jaeger Bomb time, for those of you who can hold a beat get on the tables and go for it.”

Once it’s time to descend the mountain, the place to head is Rue de Gebroulaz; there’s a large range of bars on offer from, family favourites to things just a little wilder.”

Après Ski Le Menuires

Les Menuires is perhaps less renowned for its nightlife than some of its siblings in the 3 Valleys. However there’s still a great time to be had. Most of the apres ski fun centres on La Croisette, where happy hour and live bands abound. For those of you who need your late-night party fix the Leerberty is the place to go.

Le Cave du Belleville après ski

Our pick in Les Menuires is the Caves des Belleville

Getting there: La Caves des Belleville can be found in La Croisette at the heart of the resort; it’s easy to get home.

 Atmosphere: Lena says, “Après ski doesn’t have to be about loud music and dancing. There’s something to be said for chatting and enjoying the company of those you’re on holiday with. Whilst soaking up a few glasses. The wine here is perfect and mixed with the tapas it’s a cool place enjoy swapping the days stories.”

                                                                                                                                          Après Ski St Martin de Belleville

St Martin de Belleville is the most recent resort in the 3 Valleys to be developed. As such has retained the charm of a small mountain village. St Martin has lots of Bars and Restaurants on offer with loads of choice near the “snowfront,” found at the bottom of the resort. It’s a great place to sit and soak up the sun after cruising down the iconic piste Jeruselum at the end of the day.

Pourquoi Pas is a charming bar with a brilliant atmosphere, its vaulted ceilings give it a cosy feel. There is regular live music from some great bands in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. 

Getting there: Pourquoi Pas is located on the Place de L’Eglise ie, near the big churchPourquoi Pas Bar Apres skiAtmosphere: Robin says, “Pour Quoi Pas is a great bar to get together with friends and listen to live music. They have a good range of craft beer. I always think there’s something special sitting down listening to an acoustic set with a good I.P.A.”

        Don’t worry if you can’t remember all these recommendations just have a chat with your ski instructor during your lessons and they’ll be able to give you lots of advice to help you enjoy your evenings.