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Festive Fun In The Three Valleys

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The three valleys over Christmas and New Years; what a magical time! Full of skiing, fireworks and of course lots and lots of cheer. The French Alps know how to do the festivities well with their indulgent food, traditional decoration and beautiful rich Rhone Valley red wine. Keep reading for the three valleys festive fun, you will have such a jam-packed itinerary there will be barely any time for actual skiing- sorry.

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How to Ski Powder Snow?

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How to Ski Powder Snow

It’s dumped all night, the holy grail of skiing has arrived- A powder day. So many of us live for this moment the feeling of our skis weightless floating in a powdery bliss!We’ve all seen the videos of godlike skiers flying through the trees up to their waists and we want some of that!!! For many though the first forays into the deep stuff can be a daunting prospect with some giving up altogether. They will hear and read a million different things to help them there are as many articles as snowflakes in the sky. A question that crops up time and again is how to ski powder snow

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Top Ten Tips for your first ski holiday – The first of our two part series

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So you’ve committed to taking up a snow sport!? Fantastic! Regardless of how old you are, how fit you are or who you think should be skiing or snowboarding this could be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Skiing and snowboarding are great fun and a fantastic way to experience being in the mountains, which is a truly magical place.

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Beginner Children’s Lessons

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At SnowLimits Ski School we feel we are lucky to live and work in the Three Valleys, probably the best area for teaching children in the Alps. Whether it be the huge acreage on the Jardin Alpin in Courchevel, the fun games that can be played on the Altiport in Meribel or hunting for snowthudubadumps through the trees of La Tania, the Three Valleys have it covered. Keep reading to find out how to get the best for your child in our ski school. Read More